Noviciado Internacional Salvatoriano Villa Jordán – Manizales Colombia – draft 3


The Polygon close to the entrance corner is planted with grassy plants and bordered with Yucca flaccida or another kind of Yucca. It should be in opposite to the grassy plants and the lawn. The yucca’s are planted in an arc which has its center in the pillow at the corner near the entrance.

The slope to the area downstairs is plated with different kinds of typical herbaceous perennials. On the east side is a Cotinus coggygria  situated with several species of Bromelia.

4 landscape lights behind the retaining wall replace the present  lantern which is not so comfortable and disturbs the space. You will find the here used lights under this link.

Behind the statue of the Holy Virgin is now a small tree → Jacaranda mimosifolia, situated, it’s fine leaves and the blue blossoms are seen as an floral equivalent of the Holy Virgin and underline her presence on this place in the garden. In front of the statue is a little semicircular place with the same surface as on the path close behind. This place invites to take a little break for a prayer, contemplation, etc.  Small garden benches could  be added here.

The lower level of the garden is similar to draft 2 – only two Hibiscus syriacus in the prefrontal corners are building the passage from into this area. Their function are also to be visual doors in cooperation with the retaining wall of the slope from both sides.

The main point of the lower level of the area is the restored fountain. A small path made of stone similar to the main path gain entrance to it. The fountain is half way bounded by perennials with a distance of 4.3 m from the middle point of the fountain. In the east, south and west point  of this arc a Cotinus coggygria start, interrupt and end the flower line. Two Fuchsia magellanica in the corners complete the design.


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